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Bath Model Helicopter Club (BMHC) Constitution & Rules BMHC has been in existence since around 1988. 
The club is run on an informal basis but has always emphasized the importance of safety in the context of being able to fly RC helicopters in a friendly and supportive environment. The club is affiliated to the BMFA and the relevant rules and guidance laid out by that body are applicable.
The BMFA achievement schemes, viz, A and B certificates, have
always been promoted within the club although currently not many members have achieved A or B status. The club is run by a Committee of typically 5 elected members.
The Committee normally includes 3 officers, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and 2 other Committee members. 
The Committee as a collective group oversee safety in the club. 
However, safety is considered to be the responsibility of every
club member. The BMHC Committee is elected on an annual basis Five key objectives of the Committee are:
  • To operate the club in the best interest of its members.
  • To ensure that the club’s flying facilities (e.g. the flying field) are safeguarded.
  • To promote interest in the construction, safe operation and flying of model helicopters.
  • To provide facilities for regular meetings for the attainment of the above object.
  • To encourage social activities.
  • To abide by, and promote the national policies of the
          Governing Body of the Sport by affiliation to the British
          Model Flying Association. Item (a) above means for example that the Committee must ensure that every club member will have amply time to fly at the club site,
i.e. no overcrowding at the field. Item (b) above means for example that the Committee must be
mindful of the level of club membership (safety, noise levels, other disruption to the community local to the flying site etc). Note: there are currently some restrictions on the numbers of club members.  This is for safety reasons and to reduce overcrowding  at the current (size limited) flying field. The Committee is empowered to run all of the Club’s business   during its term of office in line with the above five objectives.
Club Rules
1. Relevant rules and guidance in the current BMFA Handbook are applicable to the club.
2. All members present at the flying field must at all times adhere to all ‘Safety Rules’ and flying discipline rules.
3. The 'Safety Rules' and flying discipline rules as drawn up by the Committee, may be amended by them as safety and circumstances dictate and adherence to them shall form part of the conditions of Membership.
4. All club members must be members of the BMFA and hold BMFA insurance.
5. Only model helicopters are permitted to fly at the BMHC flying site.
6. All internal combustion engines must be silenced in accordance with BMFA   regulations on noise levels.
7. All models must conform to current CAA regulations. However it is a requirement of BMHC that when radio equipment with a fail safe facility, such as PCM or 2.4Ghz is in use, this must be set so that on cessation of signal receipt or interference, the throttle reverts to slow idle for IC powered machines, and on electric models the throttle must be completely cut. We would also actively encourage members with older radio equipment to fit a low cost fail-safe module to the throttle channel.
8. Safety is overseen and enforced where necessary by the club Committee, however, safety is the responsibility of every club member. People, animals and property must be kept safe at all times.
9. The club operates a "peg on" frequency control system. Transmitters must never be turned on until a peg has been placed on the correct channel slot on the peg board.
10. Always turn off the transmitter and then remove the peg from the peg board when flying has finished.
11. Never remove another members’ peg from the peg board unless you are completely sure that the member is not present at the club flying site and in not operating their transmitter.
12. Members must ascertain what frequencies are in use when they are at the flying site. This means that if you do not know what frequency another member is using you are expected to ask.
13. Helicopters must not be operated in the pits area unless it is for purpose of starting the engine prior to a flight. Helicopters in the pits area that are switched on with the engine running must be attended at all times, this normally means that they are being securely held by the owner with the engine at low idle.
14. You must fly at a safe distance from the pits at all times. You must not over-fly the pits area or the roads that lead to the site.
15.  Always fly at a safe distance from the areas designated for beginners who are learning to hover, e.g. no circuits or aerobatics above or close to these areas.
16. The designated hovering set up area must not be used for circuits or aerobatics, the pilot must remain between the helicopter and pits area at all times
17. Always fly at a safe distance from other members who are flying their models.
18. Keep the flying site free of litter. Take all litter home to your own dust bin (this includes broken pieces of crashed helicopter!).
19. Club flying times are as follows:
· 9am to one hour before dusk – Monday to Saturday inclusive
· 10am to one hour before dusk on Sunday
· The main flying days are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Flying on other days is allowed but not actively encouraged
20. Club meetings are held approximately monthly.
21. Committee meetings are held approximately quarterly.
22. The club accounts are presented at the AGM along with the Chairman’s Report and Secretary’s Report.
23. The funds of the Club shall be lodged in a Bank account approved by the Committee. Money may only be drawn from the Club's account on the signatures of any two of the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.
24. The annual subscription rate shall be determined by the Committee, this will be ratified at the Annual General Meeting; the fee payable to the British Model Flying Association in addition to the club subscription will be whatever the British Model Flying Association determine in each year.
25. Classes of membership;
i) Full Senior Membership
ii) Junior Membership (under 18’s)
iii) Temporary Membership (discretion of the committee)
iv) Honorary Membership (discretion of the committee)
26. Any member whose subscription is due and unpaid shall be liable to have their membership cancelled at the discretion of the Committee and not allowed to fly.
27.All new members must display a good attitude to safety and full understanding of the BMFA safety code, this must be demonstrated to a committee member before permission to fly is granted.
28. The Committee reserves the right to limit membership.
29. The club operates a non-discriminatory policy for membership application and will not discriminate against any individual irrespective of race, gender, religion or disability.
30. All junior members must be accompanied at all times by a parent or their duly appointed guardian.
31.Mobile phones must not be switched on in the pits area or in the flying area.
32. BMHC recommend that no solo flying takes place at our flying site, although this is not obligatory, members must be aware of the risk to their own health & safety when undertaking any type of unaccompanied flying.
32. Enjoy your flying and always be respectful to all other club members (Yes, this is a rule!)

Local Site Flying Rules
• Frequency board must be used by all members including those on 2.4Ghz.
• Members & visitors can park either side of the entrance gate, no large gaps between vehicles as this restricts parking for other members.
• No parking past the 1st marker post adjacent to the Hovering & Setup Area.
• The club rules & BMFA safety code must be adhered to at all times.
• The "Hovering & Setup area" shall only be used for these two activities, any other type of flying activity will not be tolerated, helicopters will not be flown higher than skids at eye level.
• Pilots and helicopters must walk past the 2nd marker post before commencing flying.
• The area designated as "Flying Area Two" is for all styles of flying, pilots shall not over-fly the hovering & setup area, or fly into the main flying area.
• The area designated as the "Main Flying Area" is again for all styles of flying, pilots shall walk to the bottom of the incline past the marker post before commencing flying, pilots shall not over-fly Flying Area Two.
• Pilot to remain between helicopter and pits in all flying areas.

Field Location
OS Grid Reference X 365409  Y 161115 GB Grid
Land Ranger Grid ST654611
Lat. N51:20:53 (51.348054) Long W2:29:53 (-2.497061)
Nearest Postcode BA2 0BS